Used Wafer Fabrication Equipment

Used Wafer Fabrication Equipment

Metrology, Wafer / Semiconductor Fabrication, Vacuum Systems. 

Equipment can be offered in, as-is or operational condition. Depending on your requirements, warranties can be offered for additional costs.

Contact us for a quote for any of the listed items.

Inventory current as of 2/2015. All items are subject to prior sale.

Anatech 600 – Plasma System
Nanometrics Nanospec 6100 – Thin Film Thickness
Perkin Elmer 2400 Sputter Deposition System
Sloan Dektak 3 – Surface Profiler
Technics PE II – Plasma Etching System
Tencor Alpha Step 200 – Surface Profiler
Tencor Surfscan 4500 – Bare Wafer particle inspection





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