Leica MZ16 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Leica MZ16 Stereo Zoom Microscope System

Leica MZ16

Leica MZ16 Photo 3 Leica MZ16 Photo 2Leica MZ16 Photo 4






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a. MZ16 Stereo Zoom Pod – .71X – 11.5X
b. 10X Eyepieces – Total mag is 7.1X – 115X
c. 1X APO Objective – 55mm of working distance
d. Transmitted Light Stand with¬†Transmitted light Stage. Stage moves 5″ in the Y and 3″ in the X. The opening between the two clips is 5.5″ has a Fiber Optic light source.
e. 30 day warranty – All used microscopes come with a warranty.

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