Bausch and Lomb ( B&L) Stereo Zoom 4

For years, THE industry standard, B&L Zoom 4 Stereo Zoom Microscope.

Because of the lack of parts, we no longer offer rebuilt B&L Zoom 4’s. However, we have been offering, for several B&L Zoom 4years, a clone of the original B&L Zoom 4. This clone, we call the 4C, is in very limited production and will be discontinued by the end of 2014.

Many of the B&L Zoom 4 parts will interface with the Zoom 4C.

We can configure the 4C on a Boom Stand or Track Stand. We offer New light sources only. We can also supply .5X bottom lenses.

B&L Zoom 4 Stereo Zoom

If you want to consider changing your current line of B&L Zoom 4’s , we offer a new , more ergonomic Stereo Zoom, the Z30. Click HERE for information.

For your current Zoom 4 or 5 we can continue to offer:
E Focus Arm – A clone of the original Focus Arm
Stands – Boom and Track  stands
10X eyepieces – New 10X WF eyepieces and eyecups

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