Olympus STM-UM XY Measurement Microscope – SOLD

This system has been sold.

Olympus STM – UM XY Measuring Microscope SystemOlympus STM UM Measure Scope

  • a. Olympus STM-UM Reflected and Transmitted Light Stand
  • b. Olympus UMA Bright Field / Dark Field Vertical Illuminator with 12V 50W lamphouse assembly
  • c. Olympus BHM Trinocular head. 23mm Photo Tube
  • d. Olympus 4 place, manual revolving nosepiece. Bright Field / Dark Field
  • e. 1 set of Olympus NEO D Plan Bright Field Dark Field objectives: 5X,10X,20X,50X
  • f. 1 pair of Olympus 10X eyepieces. Total magnification is 50X,100X,200X,500X
  • g. Olympus 2 x 4 inch , .5 micron Stage. Glass Insert
  • h. Built in X and Y measurement read out. Readout can be set to measure 1 micron down to .5 microns
  • i. Approximately 8 Inches of Z Travel. Coarse focus control knob on the column with a separate coarse/fine focus optics module.
  • j. Transmitted light is a 6V 20W. These systems do not offer condensers.
  • System is rebuilt and will operate to original OEM specifications.


Color Camera – CCD or CMOS
Upgrade optical system for Nomarski operation

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