Joy Stick Controlled Microscope Stage

Franklin Mechanical – Joy Stick Controlled 4 ” x 4″ Travel X Y Microscope Stage
This stage was configured to mount onto an Olympus BX60 Metallurgical Microscope, however, it can probably be re-drilled to work on other systems. 
Will work on most 4 inch based High Power microscope stands such as : Olympus BHM, Olympus BX or Nikon Eclipse series etc. 
Designed for Metallurgical, Semiconductor wafer use
  • 2 Speed joy stick control Pad
  • Fast and Slow speed buttons
  • Controller Box
  • Stage flat top portion measures 10″ x 7″
  • As you see in the first, main system photo: the stage, as shown, is how it faces the operator once mounted onto a microscope stand.
  • 110 volt operation
  • System turns on and  we used the Joystick to move the stage in the X and Y direction. Seems to move smoothly, however have no other way to test. System is being sold as is.
  • Good cosmetic shape. Flat top is smooth with no nicks. Some screws are missing from the control box.
  • Appears to be a 2008 vintage. New price was $6245.00
  • Price is $3,200.00

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