Olympus BX60 Microscope

Olympus BX60 Reflected and Transmitted Light Microscope system as follows:


Olympus BX60 Microscope Trans and Reflected Light

  • a. Olympus BX60 Transmitted and Reflected Light frame
  • b. Olympus BF/DF Vertical Illuminator
  • c. 12 volt 100 Watt Lamphouse assemblies for both Transmitted and Reflected Light
  • d. One pair of 10X eyepieces
  • e. 30 degree fixed, Trinocular head
  • f. 5 Place Bright Field / Dark Field, manual revolving Nosepiece
  • g. 1 set of Olympus BF/DF Objectives: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X. Total Magnification is 50X, 100X, 200X, 500X
  • h. Olympus 4 inch Stage ( We can replace this with a standard 4 inch, glass insert)


Nomarski can be added
BF/DF 100X Objective
Camera System with Image Analysis Software

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If you would like this system reconfigured with a different optical package please let us know. We can an extensive inventory of lenses and can generally meet most configuration requests.

Our used microscopes go through a complete rebuilding process. This will include the disassembly, cleaning and regreasing of the mechanical assemblies. We clean and inspect all optics to ensure there are no optical flaws. The system is then reassembled and tested to ensure optical performance. Once completed your microscope will be disassembled and carefully packaged for shipment.

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