Olympus BH3 8 Inch Microscope



We have 3 each Olympus BH3 Microscope systems that are configured with Nomarski NIC.

Systems include:

a. Ergonomic Tilting Trinocular head.
b. Auto Nosepiece can handle up to 5 objectives. Currently configured with 5X,10X,20X,50X NEO S Plan Objectives. These are all Bright Field Dark Field NEO S Plan objectives and are all compatible with Nomarski.
c. Nomarski DIC includes Analyzer, Polarizer and Tint Plate
d. 1 Pair of 10X eyepieces. Total magnification is 50X,100X,200X,500X
e. Olympus BH2 UMA Vertical Illuninitaros with 12 volt 100 watt lamphouse.
f. Flat top 8 x 8 inch XY Movement Stage

Purchase all 3 systems and we will offer great pricing.


Wafer Loader – AL 100 Wafer Loader with Loader Stage – 6 Inch wafer use.

All of our used microscopes come with a 90 day parts warranty.
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