Olympus BH2 Bright Field Only Microscope

Olympus BH2 Reflected Light Microscope system, with Long Working Distance 20X and 50X lenses, as follows:

a. Olympus BHSM Reflected light stand.
b. Olympus BH2-RA Bright Field only vertical illuminator with 12-volt 50-watt lamphouse
c. Olympus BH2 30 degree fixed Binocular head with 1 pair of 10X eyepieces
d. Olympus 5 Place Bright Field only manual revolving nosepiece
e. 1 Set of Olympus MS Plan Plan Objectives: 5X, 10X, LWD 20X (7mm), LWD 50X ( 3mm WD). Total magnification is 50X,100X,200X,500X
f. 4 x 4 inch travel flat top stage

OPTIONS: We can add a 30 degree fixed Trinocular head.

Rebuilt with a 90-day parts warranty, excluding bulbs

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