Used Microscopes

Since 1985, M2 Associates Inc, has been supplying the Semiconductor and Related High Technology industries with Used Microscopes.

Our extensive inventory of microscope components allows us to custom configure microscope systems to meet your specific requirements.

Options are: Bright Field or Bright/Darkfield Objectives, Nomarski NIC / DIC and Cross Polarization configurations. We also offer a variety of Microscope Stand and Stages to accommodate small parts inspection all they up to 300mm Wafers.

Offering reconditioned Metallurgical High Power and Stereo Zoom Microscope systems,  from major OEM’s such as Olympus,Used Microscope Nikon , Leica ( Bausch and Lomb) and Zeiss.

Used Microscopes that we commonly stock:

Nikon Optiphot 66 or 88 – Non Infinity series.
Nikon Optiphot 150 or 200 – Infinity corrected series
Nikon Eclipse – These are the LV 150, 200 etc. series of Metallurgical Microscopes
Olympus BH2 and BH3 Series – This is the infinity-corrected system. The BH3 is the 8″ Microscope
Olympus BX and MX Series – Olympus’s latest offering. Models include BX50, BX60, MX50, MX41

Your R.O.I on a quality refurbished used Microscope System

Used Microscope systems are a key component in controlling costs. Our refurbished systems are generally priced at 60-70% of new OEM pricing and come with a warranty.

Here are some key considerations for considering a used microscope system:

1. If you need to add additional microscope inspection capacity and are on a budget.
2. Start up with limited funds
3. Your application may not require a brand new state of the art system. For example, looking at 5+ micron features.
4. Immediate need for a system – We can generally have a system ready to go in about a week!
5. Budget constraints
6. Want a major OEM brand but just don’t have the budget? We offer Olympus and Nikon used microscopes.

The Used Microscope Refurbishment process:

All of our systems are rebuilt. We do, at times, offer systems in As Is condition. This may be due to pricing and/or the availability of parts. However, it is always our goal to rebuild systems so that we can offer a warranty.

With the availability of new OEM parts we can configure, as required, some systems with new parts. For example, we have Huvitz Microscopes, the majority of these objectives work directly with the newer and older Olympus BH2 or BX, MX series microscopes.

Mechanical assemblies: This will include disassembly, degreasing, and refurbishment / replacement of parts. After this process is completed the mechanical assemblies are reassembled and tested.

For Stereo Zooms, we do the same basic process of disassembly the internal Stereo Zoom mechanisms and remove the optical components. All mechanical assemblies are cleaned and re-greased prior to re-assembly.

Optical components: All optical parts are checked to ensure there are no optical flaws. Optical components are checked for chips, cracks or coating deficiencies. Any optical components are replaced as needed. Optics are thoroughly cleaned and re-assembled.

Final Assembly and Testing

For Stereo Zooms, we would then complete the alignment process. For High Power Microscopes we would assemble all optical components and ensure basic optical alignment and that all objectives meet or exceed the OEM parfocal specifications.

Other Options

Stage assemblies – High Power. We generally offer new Stages for our High Power Microscopes. Please check your quote.

Related Optical components – Nomarski, if added, to your High Power Microscope, we will ensure good strong color and that there are not optical flaws on any of the filter assemblies.

Frames/Stands – Generally we do not repaint the entire microscope body frame. We will touch up the frames and give you a good clean system.

M2 Associates Inc also offers new components and accessories to complete our reconditioned microscope systems product line.

These accessories include:

Camera Systems
Nomarski Options
Wafer Loaders – New and Used
New Stands and Stages

Our inventory is constantly changing. It is always best to contact us for your specific needs and we will work to find the system and configuration that you are requesting.

Also, available are used, custom microscope systems. Over the years, we have built up Z Measurement microscope systems, standard XY measurement systems and a host of other systems.

Custom configuration are our specialty! Why settle for a used microscope that is pre-configured and the seller does not want to make any changes to the system setup? We will do it and this one of the key reason M2 Associates Inc, is a premier supplier of custom used microscope systems.

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