Student and Hobbyist Microscope Systems

Although M2 Associates Inc’s primary market is the High Technology marketplace, we are always happy to get requests from those that are hobbyist or new students, who are interested in the field of Microscopy.

Our goal is to offer a few basic microscope systems that offer good quality optics at a great price! All of these systems can be purchased online.

If you would like to explore Student or Hobbyist applications, please visit Microbus.

Student and Hobbyist Microscopes Systems – High Power and Stereo Zoom

Before you consider purchasing a microscope system for your young student, there are a few things you will want to consider:

1. Is this a brand new hobby or do you feel this is something more that may require a higher end system? – If you are considering the purchase of a system , for your son or daughter, it is important to understand if this is a new interest that they simply want to explore the use of microscopes or if you feel there may be more long term interest in the use.

If they are in the hobby / exploratory stage , which is great, then you would be better served getting an inexpensive model (Under $100) and let them start from there and this way you can see if there will be continued interest without having to spend a higher amount.

However, if your child / student is in high school or has a more advanced interest then you may want to consider increasing your budget and getting a better quality instrument vs a lower cost, often, plastic, microscope system.

2. What is your budget? – The big question! Regardless of a student’s interest, the microscope has to be affordable. Certainly, there are very inexpensive systems available on Amazon or Ebay, some as low as $50. I often chuckle at people who purchase these systems and then complain how cheaply made they are, what would you expect for a microscope under a $100?

3. Made In China – Sorry, no way around it! – All Student level and at other higher educational level microscopes are made in China. We have sourced and do sell microscopes that are made in China. There are factories that do make a quality product. The hard part is finding the factory. M2 Associates Inc,  has spent Thousands of dollars buying and evaluating microscope systems and accessories. 

4. Stereo Zoom, Stereo or High Power Scope? At the student level, the better buy would probably be a biological high power microscope so they can view a variety of specimens.

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