Z65 Stereo Zoom Microscope: Zoom Range 6.7X-45X and higher with options

Our most popular  Stereo Zoom ModelM2 Z65 Stereo Zoom

M2 Z65 – Binocular and Dedicated Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope system

The Z65 Stereo Zoom Microscope was developed with advanced technologies to ensure quality component imaging.

Clear crisp images, especially around the edges, and a solid stereo zoom effect give excellent resolution in high and low power magnification. Excellent color reproduction.

SZ65 photo 1Ergonomic Zoom knob placement allows for smooth and easy operation.

With the trinocular port open you will still be able to see an image through both eyepieces. Specifications:

Zoom Range is 0.65X-4.5X
Total mag, with 10X eyepieces, is 6.5X-45X. Magnification can be increased with Auxiliary lenses or other eyepieces.
Working Distance: 100mm
Field of View: 32.8mm – 4.9mm ( 10X eyepieces)
45 degree observation tube

Trinocular Stereo Zoom comes with a .5X Video C-Mount coupler. A true trinocular zoom that allows for an 80/20 light path.

Mounting options:

Boom Stands or Track Stands – Other custom mounting configurations are available.

Auxiliary lenses and Optional Items:

.5X Cuts magnification in half increases working distance to 177mm

2X Doubles magnification, reduces working distance to 26mm
Reticle 10mm scale ruled to .1mm

Light Sources:

LED Ring Light – 60 Led Bulbs. Adjustable Brightness. Outputs 24V 6W. Color temperature 64000K. Max Opening of ring is 62mm. Price includes a Zoom Pod Adapter

Fiber Optic Ring Light – Ideal for Photography applications or
were a more intense white light is required. 150 watt power supply. 36” length fiber optic light pipe.
Dual Goose Neck Fiber Optic Ring Light – Self supporting goosenecks allow
you to position the light output to a specific area on your sample. 18” length light pipes.
Focusing lens for each pipe.

M2 – Z65 Spec Sheet Download

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