Z45 Stereo Zoom Microscope: Zoom Range 6.7X-45X and higher with options

Z45 Binocular and Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope System

M2 Z45 on a Boom Stand

The Z45 Stereo Zoom Microscope was developed with advanced technologies to ensure quality component imaging.

Clear crisp images and a solid stereo zoom effect give excellent resolution in high and low power magnification.  Ergonomic Zoom knob placement allows for smooth and easy operation.

M2 Z45 T On a Flex Arm StandThe Z45 is also available with a Trinocular port for Camera applications.

Mounting options are Boom Stands or Rack Stands – Other custom mounting configurations are available.



M2 Z45 T Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Specifications of the Z45M2 Z45 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

45 degrees inclined observation tubes
Zoom rate 1:6.5
Zoom objective magnification is 0.67 – 4.5X
Working Distance is 100mm
Interpupillary adjustment 55mm – 75mm
Field of view 31mm-4.9mm
Both eyetubes with Diopter adjustment + or – 5.


.5X Auxiliary Lens
.5X  Cuts magnification in half and increases working distance to 177mm



2X Auxiliary Lens

2X  Doubles magnification and reduces working distance to 26mm


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Light Sources:

LED Ring Light – 60 Led Bulbs. Adjustable Brightness. Outputs 24V 6W. Color temperature 64000K. Max Opening of ring is 62mm. Price includes a Zoom Pod adapter.

Fiber Optic Ring Light – Dual Goose Neck, Ring Light or Pan Lights: Ideal for Photography applications or where a more intense white light is required.

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M2- Z45 Spec Sheet Download


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