FEIN Optical RB-40 Biological Microscope

FEIN Optical RB-40 is a Professional Microscope System for Biomedical and Pathology science and research. We also offer other Biological and Clinical Microscope systems, click here for more information.RB40 Microscope


  • Infinity color corrected optical system, new upgraded Koehler illumination system, presents a clear & bright micro-image under each magnification.
  • Fire-new ergonomic design, steady system structure, easy operation, is suitable for various working environments.
  • “Building blocks” design for combining multiple functions, fluorescence, phase contrast, polarizing, dark field attachments can be assembled on the basis of bright field observation.
  • Widely apply to clinical diagnosis, teaching experiment, pathological test and other micro-fields.

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FEIN RB-40 Series
Optical System Infinity Color Corrected Optical System
Viewing Head 30 Degree Inclined gemel Binocular Head; 360 Degree rotatable; interpupilary adjustable distance: 54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable
30 Degree Inclined gemel trinocular Head; Splitting ratio R:T=50:50 or R:T=0:100;360 degree rotatable; interpupilary adjustable distance: 54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable
30 Degree digital gemel Binocular Head; 360 Degree rotatable; interpupilary adjustable distance: 54-75mm; diopter +/-5 adjustable
Eye Piece High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10x22mm, PL15X16mm
Objective Infinity plan achromatic / phase contrast / semi-apchromatic flurocense objectives.
Nosepeice Revolving quadruple nosepeice / quintuple nosepeice
Body Coaxial focus system with upper limited and tension adjustment; coarse range; 30mm; fine precision: 0.002mm; focus heignt adjustable
Stage 175x145mm double layer mechanical stage; roatateable; with special fabrication processing, anti-corosive and anti friction; moving range : 76 X 50 mm precision : 0.1mm
187x167mm double layer mechanical stage; moving range : 80 X 55 mm precision : 0.1mm
Condenser N.A 0.9 Swing-out type achromatic condenser; N.A : 1.2/0.22 swing-out type achromatic condenser; NA 1.25 quintuple phase contrast condenser; N.A 0.9 dry dark feild condenser N.A.1.25 oil dark field condenser
Reflected Flourosence Illumication System XYRFLP reflected fluorescence Koehler illumination with alterable field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm (center adjustable).
XYLH100HG mercury lamp house with viewfinder; the center and focal length of viewfinder &filament are adjustable.
U2-RFLT100 digital power control box of mercury lamp, wide voltage: 90-245VAC
Imported OSRAM 100W DC mercury bulb; disc fluorescence filers: UV/VB/G; 30ND25-RFLP attenuation plate.
Transmitted illumination system Wide voltage: 100-240V, built-in transmitted Koehler illumination; 6V/30W halogen, pre-centered, intensity adjustable.
Polarizing kit Analyzer 360° rotatable; polarizer and analyzer can be out of light path.
Filter Yellow, green, blue, neutral filter
Light splitting device R:T=70:30 or 100:0, special 1x CTV
Camera adapter 0.5xCTV, 0.67xCTV, 1xCTV

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